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Apparently "20 hard-boiled wrapped in and covered in meat and breading, baked whole." Damn. If the really is a series of tubes (and I suspect it is) then this is just the thing to clog its arteries. Oh -- oh -- could it be? Am I really mastering the magic of metaphors? I'm adding it to my wizard resume! Can I use you as a reference?

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You've probably read the book or seen the movie "The Wizard of Oz." But you may not know anything about the wizard of resumes—a program that will take you through the process of creating and building your job search resume––without having to first walk the yellow brick road.

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If you didn’t create the HOSTS file entry before running the wizard, you won’t see the branch office connectivity wizard resume. Make the HOSTS file entry now and restart the ISA firewall and log in as a local administrator.