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Of course the most important function is creating the actual resume and cover letter, so if WinWay Resume is to be of any value it should help you make a scintillating CV. So its "AutoWriter" feature gives you a library of phrases designed to make your resume stand out from the crowd, while still imparting the required information. If you've never put together a resume before, or if your resume hasn't gotten you an interview, this could be your ticket.

  WinWay Resume Deluxe has over 14,000 resume templates and samples to get you started.

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Yay! You're now following winway resume in your .

Yay! You're now following winway resume deluxe in your .

WinWay Resume Deluxe is exceptional resume writing software with all the tools you need to create a compelling resume. With this resume builder, you have access to various features that make the program act more like your personal career builder than a simple resume writer. This is an excellent choice for resume software.

The program has flexibility. You can practically automate the whole process with two features: (1) sample resumes and (2) AutoWriter, with its job specific phrases and keywords. Samples are divided by profession or career situation, then by category. You can select a sample resume and then add additional specific phrases with AutoWriter, if needed. For those users who want more hands on creating, you can start with a sample and then personalize it by editing such features as fonts, colors, and borders. You can choose between a chronological or functional format or you can use elements of both in one resume. Information is easily inserted, moved, and edited in a table format. Editing ability is a feature that I have found lacking in many resume or specific task programs. They have nifty templates but you can't change anything. Since I have used WordPerfect and PageMaker for resumes, I wanted to see if I felt as comfortable with WinWay Resume and if it was flexible enough. I felt very comfortable with the program and could edit to my heart's content. Many employers want resumes only on one page. WinWay Resume's "Fit to one Page" feature changes margins and spacing to enable you to fit the content on one page, if possible. Resumes can be saved in RTF, ASCII, or HTML format and can be exported to other word processing programs. I exported a resume to Microsoft Word, using the RTF format, and all the formatted elements converted over in the new Word document. All styles are computer scannable and print well on black and white or color printers. You can also fax or e-mail your resume and letters.The resume wizard offers more than 14,000 templates that make creating a resume as easy as entering in your information. This part of WinWay Resume Deluxe is enhanced by the 350-plus themes that come with the program and 116,000-plus phrases that can help you find the right thing to say in your resume.