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The Universal College Application helps students through this process by creating a standardized application format that is accepted by nearly 50 colleges and universities (as of May 2015) throughout the United States. As such, it's a great resource to utilize when deciding what to put on a resume that's going to be used when applying to a college.

I am often asked about what to put on a resume when you have little or no experience

What would make your resume stand out from the crowd? It's probably not what you think it would be. So many people frustrate over what to put on a resume or try so hard to make it visibly 'exciting' that they forget the focus. While the resume is about them, the focus should be placed on who is going to read the resume. Remember, you're not writing it to please yourself. That having been said, the best way to get you to a resume that rocks, is to tell you what makes a resume hit the trash can before it even has a chance. I?ll bullet a list below.

What to put on a resume with no work history

What to put on a job resume?

Moms who decide to stay home with their children for a number of years usually never regret that decision. It is rewarding in a different way than a career. However, when it comes time to re-enter the workforce, knowing what to put on a resume can be challenging. It's true that you've used specific skills keeping a home, but how do you word that so an employer will be impressed?