Our can also give you a good idea of what to put in your resume.

We've all read articles about what to put in your resume, but not about things you should NEVER put in your resume. So, double check that resume of yours and remove any of the following from our list of 5 items to NEVER include in your resume. While many of these item may be harmless in reality, if they are posted to the Internet and fall into the wrong hands they could be devastating to your life!

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On this page you will find a bank of professionally designed Office Administrator resume templates which can be of great assistance to anyone who wants to write a CV for this role. Apart from these examples you’ll also find below expert advice on what to put in your resume and which areas to focus it on.

Resume Tips - What not to put in your Resume by Loy Machedo

A sample cover letter below can help give you an idea on what to put in your resume

Using basic resume templates when you will start compiled a resume, is the right step. Especially using a template format suitable for compiled your resume for newly graduated college and no work experience and for the first job. With a basic resume formats you can find out the data and fundamental and important information what to put in your resume. Personal data is very critical and the basic, necessary so that you can go through the selection of prospective employees at the company where you are applying for a job.