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To get freelance web design work, you have to see that you have skills that will benefit them. Those skills can be described through a web design resume. On the resume, briefly describe the software that you use and the programming skills that you have. Many customers already have an idea about what they want, such as Flash pages or specific webpage software. If they can see those items on your resume, you will likely stay in the running for the freelance work that's at stake.

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Your web design resume needs to be your own, not a carbon copy of someone else’s. This goes for both what you say and how you make your resume look. It can be tough for anyone to get ideas for how to create their resume, but this can be a particularly difficult task for new designers that have just entered this field of work.

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Web Designers are responsible for the way a web site looks and works: visuals, layout, and usability.
Sites are expected to work smoothly and quickly, and to have user-friendly content. In the case of corporate web sites, brand continuity must be carefully preserved throughout the entire site.
This free sample of Web designer resume can be used as a template for similar job titles as follows: Web Site Designer, Graphic/Web Designer, Web designer/developer, User Interface Designer, Website Designer and Website Developer/Designer.