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International employment experts say that if you don’t use the international curriculum vitae resume format, foreign recruiters may think you’re hiding something. But keep in mind that the international CV format intrudes into private areas of your life.

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However, there are a few basic differences, i.e. while the Curriculum Vitae represents an in-depth and structured information about the professional experience and qualification of a person, the resume usually is the same thing in a very short form - hence, the name. The resume would usually represent a skeletal representation of what would otherwise be included in depth and detail in the Curriculum Vitae. This is why typically a CV would be two to three pages while the resume would not normally exceed one page.

The academic curriculum vitae resume format is a comprehensive biographical statement, typically three to ten pages, emphasizing professional qualifications and activities. An academic curriculum vitae (CV) resume of six to eight pages, ten at the most, is recommended for a veteran professional; two to four pages is appropriate for a young professional just starting out.
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