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We’ve got a pretty strong anime community here in Arizona. How do you elevate our AZ anime cons such as Taiyou and Saboten as must attend national cons? Bring in a heavy hitter and Akira Toriyama is just that. Yes, he is responsible for the juggernaut that is Dragon Ball but the man has a legendary video game resume as well with having a helping hand in design with such games as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Tobal, and Blue Dragon.

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This video game inspired resume beats any resume that you have offered to potential employers. It is the work of designer Robby Leonardi, who wanted his C.V. to stand out from the crowd. He certainly accomplished that.

Robby created an interactive resume with a Super Mario Bros. sort of theme and it is amazing. It has four levels of awesomeness. This interactive resume is basically a miniature version of Robby as a Mario-type superhero character that runs through the levels, telling employers about his employment history, work experience and portfolio. As an added bonus, it shows off his HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery skills along the way.

Video Game Tester Resume Sample – Best Format

This video game inspired resume beats any resume that you have offered to potential employers

Followings are the objective statements for the video game designer resume. These information will help you to achieve best job opportunity in this filed.

Video game designer resume template, Searching for video game designer resume sample including job duties and responsibilities, looking for simple resume document format for video game designer including. Unlike painting a picture, writing a book, or filming a movie, creating a profitable video game requires thousands of individuals working on tens of thousands of minute elements of the finished product. With so many layers, making a video game is much more difficult than beating the last level!