General (Non-Targeted) Federal and USAJOBS Resumes

Online formats are very restrictive and each has different format and size requirements. If you are not computer-literate, they can also be very difficult to complete correctly. Further, if not done correctly with the required format, your USAJobs application may end up being automatically rejected. Tell your story in a specific way—one that is acceptable to the computer screening system as well as the hiring manager.

Several hundred people may apply for each federal job opening. Here are some important details to consider before you begin the process of submitting a USAJobs Resumix format application.

Learn how to integrate all phases of the federal resume process into the USAJOBS resume builder.

This Field Manual gives you a step-by-step method in which to write your own federal government / USAJOBS resume. This Field Manual will help all transitioning military personnel, federal government employees, defense contractors and other Department of Defense personnel in their search for federal employment. This Field Manual uses an easily identifiable analogy between military doctrine and federal résumé writing. The scenario used is one that will translate vacancy announcement analysis to that of the military's small unit tactics. This field manual encourages you to use the military doctrine used when deploying to combat zones to transitioning to the civilian workforce. The field manual analogy identifies the Hiring Manager as the Enemy and the vacancy announcement as the battlefield. In order to win the war, you must successfully accomplish each objective on the battlefield (vacancy announcement) in order to target the Enemy accurately. The idea in preparing the 4-Battlefield Phases to a Targeted Federal Résumé Field Manual was to design a manual for those with a military or Defense Department background.

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Learn how to integrate all phases of the federal resume process into the USAJOBS resume builder.

Now that USAJobs is searchable throughout all federal agencies looking for qualified candidates, it is important to build your USAJobs resume in the builder instead of uploading your resume. This will not harm your chances if you just upload your resume as an attachment for the specific job you are applying for, but when you apply for a vacancy using the online builder it will display specific keywords in custom data base searches when other agencies are seeking job candidates with your experience.