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It’s simple and straightforward for job seekers. Long resume upload procedures can make job seekers abandon their effort without finishing. Resume consultant posted an image of what a resume looks like to employers when it’s uploaded to CareerBuilder:

This tutorial demonstrates how to upload your resume to a job application from your Google Drive.

CareerBuilder is one of the premier job-hunting sites in the U.S. Almost everyone has a resume already prepared when they begin a job search. A person looking for work understands the importance of knowing how to properly upload an existing resume on CareerBuilder.

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Uploading your resume to LinkedIn is a simple process and requires just a few mouse clicks.

Upload your resume once to Resume Everywhere, and it will appear on countless social networking and job sites. Earn a new certificate or recently moved? Don’t worry because Resume Everywhere synchronizes each resume whenever you make changes. You also have complete control over your resume: who can view it, when they can see it, and what part of it they can see. Searching for a job while already employed? Resume Everywhere will mask your details, changing your resume to convey the gist without revealing your identity. Perhaps you want different versions of your resume on different sites. Resume Everywhere does that, too! Maintain as many as you like, and keep them all in sync with each other. The tool is currently in private alpha, but you can sign up now to be part of the various testing phases.

To upload your resume, simply use the icon below – you can do it in your Summary, or any of your job description areas. This allows you to upload any rich media, from a Word document to a PDF, from a PowerPoint to an Excel spreadsheet, and even video and audio. It’s a pretty cool enhancement.Please note: If you choose to upload a new resume, certain sections of that resume will default into the application section. You will be responsible for verifying all information related to education and work history that has defaulted into the application fields.