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Undergraduates often tell me they are amazed at how long it takes to compose a resume (part of this is mere perception, I think, due to the weighty nature of the document’s importance). I tell them they should plan to spend between a few hours and a day every year revising their resume for the rest of their professional lives, and that an undergraduate resume with a strong foundation is their best preparation. Obviously, post-graduate and graduate student resumes are grounded in the same principles as undergraduate resumes, but new rules emerge with the new circumstances.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Resume Example

An undergraduate student is the one, who is pursuing the first degree/bachelor's degree. Hence, a student who is pursuing the higher secondary level education but prior to bachelor's degree needs to write the undergraduate resume for seeking any internship or summer placements in the field that he/she is interested in. While writing an undergraduate resume, include whatever internship or work experience you have, as recruiters do not expect tons of professional expertise or experience from an undergraduate student. However, arranging the relevant and concise details in the resume may work as a doorway to grab a personal interview. To get a clear idea of how to format and what type of details to include, its order and details like such may be written with the help of the following undergraduate student resume sample.

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An undergraduate research assistant helps faculty members and research experts in several projects

There you go the key in order to make a wonderful resume of your own. You can also check out undergraduate student resume sample online to know some formats but no need to worry because there is no exact format that you need to follow. You should not copy the sample that you will see on the internet but only use it as your guide in constructing your resume. You can make your own and be different.