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On Time Typing formats and restructures documents for client across Australia. We are experienced in formatting and restructuring theses, academic papers, PowerPoint presentations, policy documents, procedure manuals and reports. Clients of our formatting services include NT Department of Health, Charles Darwin University, Edith Cowan University (PhD students), and companies based in in rural and urban Victoria, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland.

If a student is typing a resume in Microsoft Word, isn’t proficiency in MS Office presumed?

Most people use their laptop for browsing, e-mail (if not in the browser), playing a movie, organising their photos, and maybe typing a resume or so. That's about it. For those people, pretty low-end hardware will do just fine.

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Most text is already included in our pricing. Typing a resume would be an example of when extra charges would occur.

I have encountered grammatical errors, typos, incomplete sentences, duplicate sentences /words, when reading professional, management and C- level executive resumes. When typing a resume in Word format, be sure the spell check is turned on. When revising an existing resume, make sure you have deleted what you needed to, and added what you intended to add. I believe that I see most of these types of errors in revised versions of previously written resumes, or resumes revised for a particular position.