- The different types of resume formats and when/why to use them

The functional resume is one of the three mainstream types of resume formats used today; the other formats being chronological resumes and combination resumes. A functional resume is organized into sections, which highlight areas of skills acquired and past accomplishments.

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In choosing from the above types of resume formats it is best to prepare draft copies of each format, then from these drafts you would customize a resume that best meets the job advertisement requirements.

Three Types of Resume Formats - Resume Format

Types of Resume Formats and Which One to Choose

A functional resume concentrates on a job applicants skills and experience rather than their career history. Information is basically in categories (under headings), making it easier for any prospective employer to quickly find what they are looking for. It highlights skills and abilities with little emphasis on a dateline. It also downplays employment history not relevant to a specific position and allows the writer to concentrate on professional development, specific skills and their more marketable abilities. This makes a functional CV the opposite of chronological resumes, which list work experience by date and also highlight a candidates accomplishments from each job.

A functional resume is one of the main types of resume formats used by job seekers, the others being chronological and combination styles.

A functional resume is suitable for anyone who