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@TStrump My career history is much like yours. I’ve switched around lots. I’ve also changed careers plenty. For this type of situation I have used two types of resumes, the Chronological resume and the Functional resume.

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If you are an art student putting together your resume, you must have wondered whether or not to incorporate your design or drawing skills into your resume. I have applied to 220 jobs and internships so far (possibly more, because not all positions I applied to were written down in my mini ‘Places I Applied To’ notebook!). I want to share my personal experiences with two types of resumes: the standard one-page and the creative resume.

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As a Director of MBA Admissions for 15 years, and now, as an MBA admissions consultant, I see two types of resumes from MBA applicants.

A great example is a good friend of mine named Isabella. Isabella was just about to finish college and needed help with her resume. We realized that she really needed two types of resumes, one for the part-time job she wanted to get quickly until she could find more permanent work, and one that aligned more closely with her long-term career goals. I helped Isabella to design a resume template that was simple—it only had one block of color along the left side. Isabella’s skills and work history were clearly laid out along the right side.