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So, qualities like patience and perseverance might come in handy. Mention these items in your resume too. Physical strength is another item, which you should consider mentioning in your resume. A truck driver needs much physical strength to maneuver the vehicle on steep roads and make tight turns.
In short, take a look at the virtual world to check out a truck driver sample resume. The key aspects are personal details, skills, attributes, experience and education.

You have to be careful about the following points while designing truck driver resume:

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Commercial truck drivers can seek a job in an organization to deliver goods safely from one place to another. If you have license to drive trucks then you can land for this job with the help of a truck driver resume. Only a truck driver resume can help you to persuade potential employer to call you for interview. Truck driver resume will help potential employer to evaluate your driving skills and previous work history. Your resume should be well written with all important details. Restrict it to one page only because no one has time to read your lengthy life stories. Only a short and compelling resume can help you to get desired results. Your resume should be matched with the requirements of potential employer so that he/she can consider you for this job.