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Find a professional resume writing format in the given director operations and training resume. By presenting the career profile of Louis. G. Ames, the resume introduces the candidates with novel ways of presenting information that is professional yet creative. When one views the resume, the reader gets an idea about the job and organization the candidate is looking out for. These demands are well supported by the career profile and the competencies mentioned below. The next part of the resume concentrates on the work experiences of the candidate. It portrays the job description of over 4 organizations. The organizations belong to four different cities. This is an indication that the job seeker is willing to relocate for work. Post experience section is the qualifications section. It includes information about the courses, certifications, training modules and computer skills, completed by the candidate. References are absent from this resume format. Candidates are free to take an idea from this resume format and draft an impressive resume for their own job search.

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Your search for a perfect example of a functional resume ends here. We have presented the career profile of Bernadetta Jackson to represent a turnkey trainer resume. Beginning the resume with name and contact details, the candidate mentions the name of the desired position next. The career profile presents the career aim of the candidate whereas a mention of his strengths justifies the claims made. This introduction is followed by education, certification and experience details. The candidate has clubbed the total experience together and categorized the responsibilities under specific headings. The names of the organization and the duration of work are listed below the responsibilities section. This feature is typical for a functional resume. This format makes it easier for the recruiter to sort out information relevant to his search and judge the suitability of the candidate. Also, the resume talks about the several activities undertaken by the candidate, whether overseas travelling, committee involvement, and grant writing.

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Training resume should display your skills, experience, commitment and ability to evaluate yourself. You must list all your major accomplishments that can support your application. The major components of a training CV are professional experience, internship details, educational credentials, awards and honors, conferences, professional affiliations, etc.