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We've won several awards for our resume writing, specifically in the category of "Technical Resumes" given to us by the leading careerists' group, Career Directors International (CDI).

The Technical Resume Service will help you impress everyone in the hiring process. It includes:

A. Executive, Management, Sales, Medical, Information Technology, Financial, Banking, Real Estate, Construction Management, Project Management, Construction, Airline, Aerospace, Engineering and Technical resumes.

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The Technical Resume Service will help you impress everyone in the hiring process. It includes:

Technical resumes are more targeted towards the IT field or a specialty field. These resumes list software programs, hardware programs and operating systems that you are familiar with. would also, in a specialty field, highlight the certifications and specific skills you have in your position. These specific skills must be listed to ensure they are picked up by the scanning software. Skills are exactly what employers are looking for in a technical resume. These Resumes vary in length based on the particular customers specific experience.

With resumes, one size does not fit all. A technical resume is a very specialized resume that shows a potential employer that you have the right skills and knowledge for a specific technical position. Knowing how to write a technical resume should cover your credentials and grab the attention of the reader.Our backgrounds in project management, recruiting, and hiring give us a unique perspective. This is what makes our technical resume writers different. We understand the challenges faced in today's job market and are able to clear these hurdles. Resumes today require a blend of current technology knowledge, past project performance, and educational credentials whether in school or on the job. Do not let a poorly written resume overshadow your skills! Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more.