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As if applying to internships wasn’t stressful enough, tailoring resumes for an internship can be complicated if you don’t know what employers are looking for.

So where to go with that w/ respect to tailoring the resume for this new career path?

Submitting the same resume for every position can't possibly meet each employer's individual requirements. If you want to grab hiring managers' attention, you need to give them what they want. You must take the time to tailor your resume to each employer and its goals to strengthen your chance of getting noticed.

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An important step is to tailor his resume to fit the criteria for jobs he's targeting.

A big mistake that I see many job seekers make is not tailoring their resume to the job that they are applying for. They try to bombard their resume to...

But, you might not know exactly how to put it in action. What does tailoring your resume actually involve? How many changes do you need to make? What content should you be focusing on?Potential employers want to know specifically what you can do for them, so if you craft your resume for each opening, the screener is more likely to note the difference and give you the opportunity to talk in person. Here are some time-tested guidelines for writing a tailored resume:Tailoring your resume isn’t the most exciting part of applying for a job, but it’s definitely one of the more important. After all, this is the document that decides what first impression you make. It might take a little extra work, but it’s worth it to be that much more memorable. So you have a choice: You can apply for a ton of openings using a generic resume and get a ton of rejections (or more likely, hear nothing at all). Or, you can tailor your resume with keywords, apply for a smaller number of jobs and likely hear back from at least some of them. Think of it this way –