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The summary resume, on the other hand, works well if you've changed jobs or careers often, and wish to downplay your work history and highlight your level of expertise. If a prospective hiring manager is specifically interested in a steady, progressively advancing employment history (as most are), then the summary resume will very likely work against you, since the format will seem confusing, and might arouse suspicions as to your potential for longevity.

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Keep in mind that when you are required to write a one-page summary resume - it should be just that, i.e. a summary. Not only should it be as brief as possible, it should also be as perfectly matched as possible to be effective. In order to write this successfully, first make a list of all the qualities and skills you possess on a piece of paper. Also draw up a list of what skills/ qualities the job for which you are applying would need. Identify those skills which are the closest matches and cut out the rest.

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Many times organizations will ask for a one-page summary CV. This means that they need to know only the information that is strictly relevant to the job they are offering and hence you need to keep this in mind when you write your CV. The one page summary CV is a perfect letter of introduction when large companies invite for recruitment. In this case a great number of CVs will be received and the person who will need to short-list the CVs will have very little time to peruse the resume - sometimes as little as 6 seconds only. In this case, a brief and to-the-point one page summary resume would be ideal.