How to write a stay at home mom resume.

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If you have any volunteer experience whatsoever this is potential resume content for your Stay At Home Mom Resume. Volunteer work may include being an Organizer/Secretary/Treasurer of your local Mothers’ Group, Playgroup, PTA, School Fundraising Committee, Church Fete or another community group. Start to stretch your mind and think of anything you have been involved in since leaving paid employment, was it a recognized role? Next, think about the skills involved in achieving the tasks for that role, did you plan events, keep the accounts, have responsibility for administrative tasks? If any of these skills relate to the jobs you are applying for then you should include them on your resume.

Stay at Home Mom Needs Resume Tips for Returning to Work

If you are putting together a Stay At Home Mom Resume and trying to fill the gap for the last 20 years, your task is considerably harder. Being realistic, most women in this category tend to apply for jobs that are lower than they should reasonably expect to get. This can be extremely frustrating.

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If you are putting together a Stay At Home Mom Resume to try and return to work after 20 years, it may be because of unfortunate circumstances such as divorce or the passing of your husband. If you find yourself in this situation you might have such limited time restraints that you are willing to take any work at all just to stay financially afloat, even if the pay rate doesn’t do you justice. When this happens consider the online jobs you can do from home (at night) to supplement your income from your day job (at least until you can get a better day job). If you read the article on this website titled you’ll get helpful information about the types of jobs you can do to earn a bit more each month. Even if you only do some extra work at night or on weekends for a few months it can really help when you face unexpected bills. Think about it: 3 hours per night for 5 nights per week at $10 per hour is an extra $600 per month! Most of us waste those hours watching television anyway. Of course, you don’t want to have to do this forever but it is good to know you have the option when you really need it.