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While traditional industries may rely on the standard resume format, more creative industries such as advertising and graphic design might get a kick out of an innovative and visual resume format.

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Artists may use a more standard resume format when applying for positions outside of academia, and possibly unrelated to your art discipline (administrative positions, other office jobs, etc.). Using a standard resume in such cases will give potential employers relevant information about your transferable and administrative skills so that you may qualify for an interview. Keep in mind the following strategies and tips for writing this version of your resume:

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Harvard Business School forces its students into a standard resume format, so after paging through a few they start to blur fast. On the other hand, it is a simple and elegant style, which has now become the standard by which I judge all resumes. Stanford’s Graduate School of Business allows variety in their students’ resumes, so a sheaf of them contains myriad fonts, italics, bold, and size variety. It’s easy to let this metaphor inform all discussions of HBS and Stanford MBAs. The distinctions that it points to are subtle and stereotypical at the same time. They are also largely true.