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The automotive service technician resume should give employers a clear view of your training background and your unique personal skills. Employers will provide on the job training in many instances, but candidates who have completed an associates degree in automotive repair or achieved certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence will have an advantage. Some positions are available in trainee roles for those with no formal background, but these positions are rare.

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You might be a skilled professional having exceptionally good interpersonal skills and if employed you will be definitely an asset to the company. But, do your resume depict the person you are? How would your potential employer know how good you are? Your resume is of course the first official document that does a lot of talking much before you come face to face with your employer. It is but natural that your resume should make you look good on paper. So here lies the challenge. Make your resume stand out by going through this sample customer service technician resume.


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Your automotive service technicians resume needs to make a strong positive impression on the hiring manager. To ensure you are making the best impression possible, you will want to highlight the most critical job skills on your resume and throughout your job application materials. The skills you will want to highlight are your: (click on the links to see power words and resume example statements for the described skills)