We will send job alerts to for Send Resume to Apply jobs.

Do your research before emailing your resume. Sending a resume that an employer is unable to open or read will put you out of the running. Employers are busy, often receive a large volume of resumes, and will not look at email that looks like spam. Applicants who don't follow instructions are not good job candidates and have screened themselves out.

 We will send job alerts to  for Send Resume to Apply jobs.

After seeing this opportunity he proceeded and I suggest you do too, to send his resume to the Craigs List email address. Later that day he received this email:

We send your resume only to the people who recruit for your industry

Sending Resume to a Consultant

Do follow the directions. Employers want you doto what they ask and they don’t have much tolerance forapplicants who don’t follow the rules. If the job postingsays send your resume as a PDF file, don’t send a Worddocument - convert it. You can do that online (search for Word toPDF conversion) if you don’t have software to convert thefile for you. If the directions say include a cover letter, writeone or you won’t be considered for the job.