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More importantly your Recruiters still remain within your CRM database application, so local CRM data from search results can be viewed in context, alongside the historic activities and notes that are highly relevant to selection criteria, whilst Online CVs can be shortlisted or downloaded into the CRM with a single action.

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Our skilled Workforce Professionals have access to Monster's national data base to search resumes outside of Ohio to assist you in finding qualified candidates across location, occupation and skill level.

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Tips for Searching Resumes

One of the recruiters’ most common tasks is searching for resumes online and searching within resumes as part of the applicant screening process. For professionals new to the recruiting industry, can seem like a daunting task. How do recruiters find relevant resumes online? How do they find the right candidate for the job from the resumes they have downloaded? These questions can make a new recruiter sweat, but those that have been in the business for a while have some great tips and tricks for searching resumes efficiently to find the best candidates for a position.

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