(use with scholarship resume; for LH students only)

All you need to do now is sort your scholarship search results. We make it easy for you to sort them all, so you can apply right now or log back in at any time to apply later!

Your scholarship resume is a document that outlines all of your accomplishment in life to date

A scholarship resume informs evaluators of what you are doing, whereas a scholarship essay reflects who you are. Convince the readers why you are the quintessential choice to receive a scholarship.

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How to Write a Scholarship Resume

Who do you think that these application reviewers will be for your scholarship resume? They will be the former executives of larger firms. Especially in scholarship offices of corporations, these are the same guys doing HR job interviews. So, what does this tell us?

2. Create list of local, regional, national, and international organizations who give college scholarships. Using your scholarship resume, you need to focus on organizations that give scholarships in areas of your accomplishments, awards, and unique factors. Start locally and then move to the next level until you have a list of at least 20 or more organizations.You’ll want to make sure your scholarship resume is a . Have another set of eyes look over and make sure you have specific details for each category. For example, when you list your volunteer experience, be specific about your length of involvement and what it is exactly that you did there.Many students have questions regarding applying for scholarships. This tip guide will help you to develop a "working file" of information that you typically need for applications. Once your scholarship resume is developed, you can save it as a template when applying for other scholarships.