I am free to resume my interrupted flight of fancy, but I refrain.

The British embassy in Cairo said a government delegation of "aviation and counter-terrorism experts" visited the Egyptian capital on Wednesday and Thursday for talks on allowing flights to resume "as soon as possible".

The recently-engaged Miley Cyrus has added another line to her resume: punk.

You do realize that Windows Phone 8.1 has not even been released for the general public yet, right? Quoting Joe Belfiore: "Our intent is that users get apps with "instant resume", but this is a case where we have to trust the ISV to get things right" - The capability is there, although it is still on its way.

After some time, they resume their skins and return to the water.

Hall asked his staff to inquire whether Haggis would be interested in resuming work.

The second is that WinRT apps (the new run time used in Windows and now WP8.1) is significantly more efficient with memory usage in normal usage. It's even more so efficient when handling large lists. This is why apps that have large lists with complex data like lots of info and images start to bog down and need to be resumed often in Silverlight apps (WP8 and earlier). Silverlight apps are just not that good at handling large lists and complex UI.

resume 1404, from L. resumere "take again, assume again," from re- "again" + sumere "take up" (cf. assume). Resumption (1449) is from L. resumptionem, noun of action from resumere. 2. What is the relationship between a suspended message and a suspended orchestration? I had thought that resuming the orchestration would pick up the suspended message. This does not seem to be the case.In the admin console we see a suspended message and a suspended orchestration. Both are marked resumable. Attempts to resume the orchestration fail. We can resume the message. However, resuming the message seems to only complete the send; the log record is not written. Once the resumed message completes, we have to terminate the suspended orchestration to get rid of it.1 - So on a send port (in this case, a WCF adapter), resuming a message will only resume send port processing? Is a suspended message is fully divorced from the suspended orchestration?