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The resume worksheets are tools for crafting your resume. They are not intended as a fill-in-the-blank form. Use them as a model. Sections may vary and the layout you choose will ultimately be a variation on one or all of these formats.

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Don’t fool yourself and think that you can just change a few items and that will be enough to make a difference. If you are like most people, you will print a stack of standard resumes and cover letters for immediate distribution and revise them only for special purposes or jobs. To secure an interview, your resume must not only be seen, but it must also communicate why they should hire you. This is a much less daunting task when you have completed the Career Summary and Resume Worksheets discussed in the last chapter. The other, and similarly important document, is your cover letter. As in your resume, your cover letter must be fashioned specifically to the job for which you are applying. Changing a few words and making minor changes won’t draw the attention you require or emphasize your power enough to cause you to wind up being the last one standing. Both resumes and cover letters will be addressed in this chapter with clear instructions on the do’s and don’ts of each.

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“I have used Evelyn's "Client Worksheets For All Professions" resume worksheets for several years, and they particularly come in handy when I am writing a resume for someone whose background is unfamiliar to me. Evelyn has gone out of her way to help me learn to use the worksheets effectively, and has sent me supplementary information about other careers that were not initially included. I have gotten to know Evelyn personally during professional conferences, and have greatly benefited from her expertise, creativity, and wisdom.”