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“If you’re an artist, take two or three screenshots from your portfolio along with your resume verbiage and display them inside the clear cover of the CD/DVD case. It’s very handy for instant recognition,” added a recruiter. Whatever you do—ensure all the information a company needs about you is provided to them in one single submission.

Here's a look at some recruiters' "favorite-hate" resume verbiage.

As the demand for BrightSide has escalated, we’ve toiled over figuring out how to accommodate more customers with the same highly personalized service. No call centers, no email-only rule, no stock resume verbiage, no cookie cutter templates.

Eliminate outdated resume verbiage

Resume VERBiage · May 27, 2014 Lyndsay Durham · powerful verbs

Career coaches or head hunters may have told you that creating an effective resume means punching it up with jazzy verbs and adjectives. Not so, say IT hiring managers. In fact, if you're using glitzy modifiers, you could be doing your resume more harm than good. Here's a look at some recruiters' "favorite-hate" resume verbiage.