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Prior to applying for professional school, clinical experiences, or jobs in your health care field, it is helpful to create a resume which highlights your experiences, skills, and purpose for exploring such an opportunity. Below you will find several examples of resumes for students in health care, a guide to writing resumes, and a resume verb list. Please note these resumes were created for students following a traditional undergraduate path and use a chronological format. For those students who have significant work history or already have a degree, a functional resume may be more appropriate. Staff in the Patterson Center for the Health Professions can assist students one-on-one in these situations.

List of Action Verbs for Resumes & Professional Profiles

A resume is the first impression for many employers. A well will make the difference between an interview or a letter stating the position has been filled by a more qualified applicant. verbs are important in a good resume because they convey information to the employer. Accomplishments, experience, and training are explained through resume verbs. Choosing the right verb is essential in creating a resume that will stand out among the other applicants. There are an unlimited number of verbs to use in a resume. A small percentage of the resume verbs are used consistently. Most employers are unimpressed with the average resume using the same verbs. Resume verbs list are available on the internet. Writing or rewriting a resume to use positive verbs will turn a dull resume into a resume that is noticed by potential employers.

Action Verb List for Resumes & Cover Letters

Refer to the Career Center's Job Search Guide for a resume verb list if you need some inspiration

When writing or revising a resume remember to choose verbs for resumes carefully. Resume verbs list are easily found on the internet. They are a key factor in how employers perceive your previous work experience. If your resume uses verbs that are flat, your future employer will see a possible employee in the same light. Showcase your qualifications when selecting verbs for resume. Power verbs for resume reflect the essence of the applicant.