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So, in a market that remains challenging, how do you get four to six interviews? You get four to six interviews by submitting a lot of resumes. Your resume to interview ratio is very much like a batting average. The players with the highest batting averages in Major League Baseball this year were Miguel Cabrera for the American League and Buster Posey (best name ever) for the National League. Cabrera’s batting average was .330 and Posey’s was .336. The best career batting average ever recorded in the history of baseball goes to Ty Cobb coming in at .366. It is important to note that that these players are and were superstars and even they only managed to hit the ball a little over three times for every ten times at the plate. The “average” player (and let’s not forget that even your average MLB player is super talented and was most likely the fair haired boy of his hometown) generally hits somewhere in the .250 range.

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Why do you need to take your resume to an interview in this day and age of online resumes and application submissions?

So I have an interview tomorrow for Dayton Police Department in Ohio. I had to fill out a 50 page background information packet prior to taking my test. The packet asked for previous employment and college information. Do you think I should still take some resumes to my interview to give the interviewers? I'm just looking to get any edge I can, there are about 750 other applicants still in the running for the positions.