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Nice professional resume template for free:

Great list, I am looking for more complex but still creative resume templates like those on or but free. Do you know where I could find such templates? Also, they should be for Microsoft Word. Thanks!

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In addition, for a really big repository of resume templates, I always recommend

In the chronology, be brief. Remember it’s not about you. Well it is, but it’s more about what you have done that will bring value to the company. As you fill in the free resume template, focus on what accomplishments you had rather than what your duties were.

Create your new resume using one of two templates. Our resume templates make getting your new job easy! Click either of the two resume styles below and then select each section of the template and type in your details. Then save the template in a safe place on your local computer as a normal Word Document.Select your professional template from the two choices below. They will download in Microsoft Word format so you do need to have this software in order to download either resume template. Also, remember to add a to that resume!Each section of these resume templates are nicely formatted and organized to give your resume a clean and polished feel. We also recommend getting some professional paper to print your resume on when done. Good luck with that new job!!!If you go to any search engine and write" Resume" or "Resume templates", you will find an impressive list of websites offering all kind of CV templates you can use for almost all situations, and you will also find experts advises… We are not trying to criticize those websites, because most of people looking for information on how to write a Resume will found the help they need. The only problem is that the help of the experts is chargeable, and not everybody can or wants to pay for such services. Besides, it is clearly not recommended to copy/paste the proposed samples. So, how to write a normal Resume? Have a look at our samples and model your own! There are several samples you can use, you only have to choose the most suitable one for yourself.