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The hardest part of getting your resume online should be doing the work listed on it, not wrestling the publishing platform. Simply put, WP Resume steps aside and lets your experience shine.

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About my setup: I'm currently fiddling with a Freescale Vybrid (VF610) - which integrates a Cortex A5 - and its low power modes. Since I'm experimenting some suspiciously local memory corruption while the chip is in "Low Power Stop" mode and my DDR3 in self refresh, I'm trying to shift the operations bit by bit, and right now performing all the suspend/resume steps without actually executing the WFI. Since before this instruction I run with address translation, and after that without (it's essentially a reset), I would like to "simulate" that by "manually" shutting down the MMU.

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The Tank & FlowToItemConverter objects in the Flow Library now use Suspend and Resume steps to suspend inflow into the object while the ‘New Inflow Entering’ add-on process is being executed (if that add-on process trigger is being used). We suspend the inflow if that add-on process is being executed to account for any possible customized ‘Setup/Cleaning’ delays that a user may choose to incorporate in that process logic when new inflow begins to enter the tank or the converter.