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5. A great resume starter than opens doors and gives you the benefit of the doubt for the rest of your life. I had a fraternity brother at MIT who worked for a Nobel Laureate during MIT. He was later given a $15 billion fund to manage. Being a fund manager might not be your goal; the point is that getting a top degree confers a level of legitimacy to make a person a carrier of a long and noble tradition, which translates on some level to being the proverbial "safe pair of hands" in which to entrust valuable assets.

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The JobGateway website offers a video-based interview training tool, a resume starter tool, and a list of high priority occupations to assist with career planning.

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Students enjoy being able to earn the opportunity to work after school and earn money. We have seen great improvement with their school attitudes when we tie their behaviors with the ability to work for the In Stitches business. We have also seen an increase on some of their grades and an increased desire to do well. Some of our students have been able to secure jobs when they left the school using their In Stitches experiences as a resume starter. Girls have used staff as references after they leave the Heartland Girls Ranch, and they have found jobs because of the work ethic they gained while working at In Stitches.