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Post your resume on the top 25 resume search engines for 3 months plus one list of 3 specialty search engines. Specialty lists of search engines can be customized for executives, technical, pharmaceutical, management, IT, college grads, entry level, etc. Use your current Email address, or we will assign you a new Hotmail account to keep your responses to the Internet posting separate. We will convert your resume into an electronic format (also known as ASCII, plain text, unformatted, or text resume) so that it can be read and posted easily when filling out online career web site forms.

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Have a section outlining your skills in bullet points. You’ll want to have the included for resume search engines and applicant tracking systems, and these are the next things recruiters look for if there’s time left in their six-second scan.

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The client is an IT professional whose original five pages provided an in-depth chronology of how he spent his days for the past nine years. Not surprisingly, the recruiters weren’t knocking at his door. We completely transformed the document to focus specifically on the results he delivered – which turned out to be quite an impressive list of accomplishments once we cut through the jargon and techy-speak. We were able to do this while still incorporating the keywords that would generate hits on resume search engines. Since only the last five years matter in the IT world, details are only provided since ‘03.