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After clicking "Go" in the "Get Started" window, content will be displayed in corresponding fields within a resume preview page. To make changes to how your information was imported, you can click on your resume to make edits or rearrange bullet points and sections within categories of your resume. You can also click on the trashcan icon to delete duplicate information if you both uploaded an old resume/CV and imported your LinkedIn profile.

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Please e-mail with the subject line "Resume Preview" to receive updated resume info and get pre-authorized for search access. Be sure to include your company name, location, and the title of the position you are trying to fill.

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A resume preview looks like this; the last name is not displayed, unless you subscribe.

To print a resume, click on the resume heading from the resume listing page. This will show the resume preview in detail. Click on the ‘Print’ option and this’ll print the resume.