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You can take control of the image you present by having a specially prepared resume photo, which presents the most professional and business relevant view of yourself to the employer. Have a picture that reflects your personality and their culture of their business. Do you want to appear like a cool, intellectual, or a warm relationship builder, or a dogged, determined sales type? Use the picture, to capture the essence of your personal brand and also use the picture to create affinity between you and the employer and not to create barriers.

These are low resolution photos for narrowband. These are not suitable for print.

The resume photo is one that many foreigners stress over but if you follow these guidelines your photo will help you in presenting the best image of yourself to potential employers.

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Resume experts advise against attaching pictures or any image files to a resume. They can “choke” an applicant tracking system (ATS), the software that automatically scans and parses resumes. (Click here for an in-depth look at after you press submit.) In addition, hiring professionals warn against giving anyone a reason to prejudge and form a negative opinion based on your appearance. Indeed, some HR departments will immediately discard resumes with photos to avoid any possible accusations of discrimination on this basis.