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When you are out of work or looking for a better job, posting your resume online can help you cover your foundation. Of the various sources you may find your next job, it is becoming increasingly more likely that you'll find a job through some career site. Resume posting can give you a jump start to your new job by increasing your chances of being seen by potential employers and recruiters.

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Excellent advice! The only thing I would add would be to include the Objective ONLY if there is something relevant that you are saying. For example, Objective: Transition to an upon relocation to Orlando, Florida in March 2015. In a situation like this, it's important to let the recruiter/ manager know WHY you are looking at this job and to say it matches your background isn't enough.
Be careful not to go too far back in your work history, but make sure you put enough. 10 years is optimal: too few and you're too green, too many and you're 'stale'.
Awards/acknowledgements/recognitions or publications, etc., are all good to add as the very last section of the resume UNLESS it's extremely relevant to the position at hand. Rule of thumb is the most important at the top and least at the bottom.
Regarding contact info: If you are posting your resume on line, put your first and last name, , state, phone number and email address. If you are submitting your resume directly, include the same info (you can include street if you'd like, doesn't matter, really). I would NOT include any social media profiles unless you're going for a social media-type job. I would NOT include your street address on anything you post online. Also, make sure you have a professional email address (this should be a given, but I feel like I need to say it anyway).
When it comes to job titles, if you get all crazy with the job title and no one knows what it is, you'll be looked over almost immediately. Remember when ' of first impressions' was first used? People didn't know that meant 'receptionist'. Some companies have crazy names for things and that's fine (interally) but if it misguides whoever is looking at your resume, that's not a good thing.
Good luck to you!

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Back in the pre-Internet era, your resume would've been just one kind of document: A sheet of paper listing your experience and skills. And while it's true that you'll need to make some changes to your resume as you prepare to submit it in response to online job postings, those changes may not be as dramatic as you'd expect. Here, we'll lay out exactly how to prepare your resume for online submission, how to format your replies to job postings that interest you and how to balance publicity with privacy and online safety. Read on to find out how to get started.