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Resume management software from TribeHR allows you to track resumes and job applications from all of your candidates, from any device. Publish your job openings instantaneously with our easy-to-manage and easy-to-update custom careers portal, then sit back and relax as TribeHR's resume management system automatically sorts resume information and responds to applicants. No more bulky spreadsheets or cumbersome IT requests. Just smooth sailing and painless hires, thanks to resume tracking software from TribeHR.

Derive the best results from your people with our comprehensive human resource management software.

De-duplication and Validation – Resume management software needs to be able to spot duplicate CV's, which can quite easily occur when gathering CV's from online sources. It also needs to alert consultants to other data errors such as missing data or the rare occasions that a data item cannot be parsed. DaXtra Capture automatically detects multiple CV's and puts aside any problematic CV's for consultants to validate or correct, keeping the database clean.

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And so, we set out to create our custom resume management software application to solve these problems and more.

Flexible Workflow – Established recruitment companies or departments will typically have well developed processes for ensuring the right people are involved at particular stages of recruitment. Often, different teams or individuals will take care of one step before passing the results to another team for the next step – so it is important that your resume management software supports this process rather than dictating a new process to be followed. DaXtra Capture allows for completely customised workflows to reflect your internal procedures.