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Yes, i'm suggesting that if you want optimal resume lines, you adjust the type of FOSS development you do, than you otherwise would, and do a little more work.

Pause & Resume Time Lines - Storyline 2

4. Don't include redundant entries. This not only wastes your prospective employer's time, but it wastes valuable space on your resume. Take out all cliche resume lines, like an objective (your objective is to get this job, and your resume and cover letter should already be tailored to reflect that) and lines like "References available upon request." They already know all of that (hopefully).

Funny Resume Lines - The Wealthy Mamma

Avoid using generic resume lines with no purpose

Will Americans judge Hillary on resume lines or on her actual record of success or failure? Mika says "senator," we say "left no footprint." Mika says "Secretary of State," we say "bloody failure from Benghazi to Syria to Iraq."