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Eventually I got around to doing my resume in LaTeX. I looked at a bunch ofresumes out there, and though I borrowed some elements or inspiration fromseveral of them (including ), Iended up starting mostly from scratch. I now have a resume that's incrediblymaintainable and tweakable.

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While Microsoft Word can be great, when it comes to writing technical documents like engineering reports, Word is irritating to say the least. LaTeX is a technical document creation program that allows engineers to write technical document without all that worry about formatting. This tutorial will let you create a simple resume in LaTeX in order to give a general introduction to creating LaTeX documents. Here is what you will create.

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Writing a resume using LaTeX is preferable to writing it using Microsoft Word, or something similar, for a number of reasons:

You write your resumé in LaTeX because it gives you fine control and superior quality, both of which are of utmost importance with this type of document. The very purpose of the resumé is to impress the reader with both looks and content. You have to provide the content, and LaTeX, with your help, can provide the looks.

I got some requests of people that wanted to see a LaTeX template for a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. Quite a lot of such templates can be found on the internet. However, the readers of this blog are probably interested in LaTeX as I am, so I decided to make some kind of ‘step-by-step’ guide. This post will enable you to build a plain and simple CV: nothing fancy, since I myself like minimalistic documents :) If you just want a CV template, scroll down to find it.When writing your resume in LaTeX, you should have in mind a series of concepts: you are the one specifying the structure of your text and LaTeX does the arrangement of these structures; you can use macros in order to create special formats when you need a more fancy presentation or resume; you have access to a number of packages to make your work easier.So, we use the command to define a new command MyName (having one input entry). This MyName command will display text as defined in the second line: Huge text, with a font as talked about earlier. The command will make sure that the MyName text is aligned right. The last line is there to reset LaTeX to the default settings, as we do not want are complete document having huge text ;-)To provide you with the detailed and specialized professional help that you need on any aspect of resumes LaTeX that you may be struggling or need help with, so that when it comes to resume LaTeX you’ve only got one place to go for all the help you need, and that’s right here with our professionals!