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Although at one time we were replacing typical resume subheadings – Work History – with snazzy versions, such as Sales Ability Defined, Evidence of Legal Know-how, Teaching Excellence, that tactic is no longer recommended. The reason is the continuing trend to using Applicant Tracking Systems that are programmed to look for more typical headings, such as Professional Experience and Work History. Leave the atypical, creative subheadings for resumes that you use in person-to-person networking. (For more on this topic, read “The Resume and Applicant Tracking Systems.”)

Make the first impression with your resume heading. Yes, it really is important!

References should be listed on a separate page from your resume. Include your resume heading with your name and contact information, then list your references.

Suggestions for Resume Headers: Common Resume Headings

When creating a resume, as explained in  the interests heading is one you may also decide to leave out.

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