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This french teacher resume provides you with a brief idea of writing the best resume that would fetch you a job interview. It also includes a sample resume for French Teacher which illustrates a resume for the post of French teacher.

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I am a former student. Five years ago, I took several courses at the institute. This past week I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I could not make it to my French class. Please note, I did not ask for my 100 deposit back i simply asked if my deposit could transfer to the next semester. This semester I have to be constantly at the hospital and French classes understandably are not the focus. Rather than being sympathetic are even offering a refund, the woman on the phone said I had to pay the remainder of the 150 and go to the classes or just lose out on the 100. I would not recommend this school. They do not value their long term students. Once I am recovered, I am going with a private tutor or switching to another school. But, this is what happens when you attend a school that is for profit. I may just sign up at LACC and resume my French. This was truly a deeply disturbing experience. Shame on you Beverly Hills Lingual Institute. As a TOEFL teacher I will make sure not one my students ever drops a dollar in your establishment.

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