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Sample resume format, tips and advice on how to format your resume, resume formatting guidelines, and examples of formatted resumes. Your resume format will be deciding whether you will get accepted for the job or not. There are plenty of ways to write a resume. No matter which format you select, it should make you get selected for the job you are applying for. Recruiters are always attracted to good resumes. If they don’t find a resume attractive with its first glimpse, they will be throwing it away.

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Resume formatting is something that changes slowly, but change it does. It’s more about the general idea and expectations of employers than about details or designs shifting perceptibly. Employers want different things at different times, and different things are more effective at different times. Each year has its own trends and expectations, and 2015 is sure not to be any different. The key to having the best chance at success in the job market and in producing the best resume is to make sure that you’re aware of the trends and developments that go into the formulation of resumes. They are quite complex and sophisticated, but with the help of our professional service you’re sure to end up with the great resume format 2015 that you need!

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Once you've read our resume formatting tips, take a look at our to see exactly how each of these components can be formatted in a standard resume.