How to Write a Great Resume for a Job – Tips & Examples

Healthcare is a broad job market with demands for many levels of various skills. This sample targeted resume for a job in healthcare focuses on a nursing

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Writing a resume can be difficult, especially in the highly competitive world of fashion. Most fashion hiring managers look at a resume for 10 to 30 seconds, so you have very little time to make your mark. Increase the efficacy of your resume by writing about your job experience, accomplishments and professional goals. Company research and professional affiliations can also enhance your efforts. Make sure to tailor each resume to a specific job. Learn how to write a resume for a job in the fashion industry.

Sample Professional Job-Search Resumes for All Job-Seekers

When you’re ready to customize your resume for a specific job, first hit up the job description and read it really carefully.

Writing a sales resume is not as easy as it might look. When you need a to create a sales resume for a job you need to make sure you write the resume using the correct format.

Prospective employers may receive hundreds of resumes for any one job, and their time is limited. Therefore, you want to make sure that your resume will help you stand out among all the other applicants as a good fit for the position by tailoring the information you include to your audience and to the position description. Your integrity is important, so make sure that anything you include on your resume is accurate and will stand up to questioning in an interview.This sample resume is a targeted resume for a job in the information technology field — specifically an information technology help desk analyst position. By carefully targeting resumes for specific jobsEmployees in the accounting field often need good communication skills as well as proficiency with numbers. This sample resume for a job in the accounting field is a targeted resume for a civilian payWhat you need is a resume that targets the type of job you’re looking for, outlining the skill set you can bring to that particular type of employment. Then you can adjust it to suit specific companies. You don’t need to do a complete rewrite unless you’re applying for very dissimilar jobs; you wouldn’t, for example, use the same resume for a job in customer service as you would for one in construction. But you can create a master resume for customer service jobs and customize it for individual positions. You can write a resume for construction jobs, and then make it specific to the company you’re applying to.