Does it matter what I name my resume file?

OIF is used to receive web services from staffing suppliers (job boards, recruitment agencies, and services procurement providers)which may contain either a candidate HR-XML or an unstructured resume as an attachment. For example, a recruitment agencythat your organization integrates with can send XML resumes through the OIF. Because the agency sends an XML resume file,the system does not need to perform any extraction. Instead, the system uses the data directly from the XML resume file toprocess through Recruiting Solutions. Although no extraction is performed on the XML resumes, the resumes still go throughdata mapping and any other business process that you have set up for the staffing supplier.

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The lesson? When writing a resume, don’t overlook any details—even your resume file name. You’ll stand out from the who send in sloppy applications, and trust us—it’s easy to see which applicants have put forth effort and which haven’t.

Tips for writing a resume file name

WinSCP supports resuming file transfers with  and  protocols.  and  protocols do not allow it.

“A+ Marketing Expert” at least got the field correct. A gimmicky resume file name might catch attention, but if you don’t include any identifying information in it, you’ve just made yourself harder to find later.

The solution for people who have "fancy" resumes and who aren't willing to adapt their resume content to Indeed's format is this: When you apply to a job on Indeed, you have the option of using your Indeed resume or uploading a different resume file. You need to upload your resume. Keep a version on Indeed with all the important keywords and job titles that you want employers to find, but always upload your fancy version to job postings.We recently expanded the team here at , and as a result, we saw firsthand some of the mistakes job seekers make. One thing we saw over and over was people who were careless with their resume file names. And while we certainly would not have based our hiring decision on that, the fact is that all of the quality candidates used logical and relevant resume file names—every single one included their full first and last names, and most included the company or position.