Examples of Resume Education Sections: Ph.D. to No Degree

Here are some of your resume Education section questions answered – maybe even questions you didn’t know you had! These tips will help you pack in lots of information without taking up half the space on your resume.

The positioning of your resume education section depends upon  individual situation.

We have already given some tips on how to write the best performing resume. This article dwells on the peculiarities of resume education section and will give some simple but useful pieces of advice on how to format resume education paragraph.

Education section seems to be the most straightforward to write. Although even in this paragraph there are some peculiarities necessary to keep in mind. With the help of this short guide you’ll learn what to include and what to omit in education section, how information should be presented.

Education: Resume Education Section Example

Your decision will determine where you place the resume education section.

Your resume education section is much like a suit. The mark of an expensive suit is how well it fits YOU. The choice of material is completely immaterial if you cannot button the coat, if the sleeves only come to the middle of your forearm, or if your pant legs refuse to let your feet reach your shoes.