Graduate GT Resume Book (All Majors) $750.00

MIT's HKN EECS Resume Book contains more than 400 resumes from across the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department with the majority coming from students who are currently in school. The proceeds are used to fund various service programs across the department. Some of these programs include the course evaluations database, our women’s outreach initiative, and multiple study breaks for EECS students. None of the officers or committee chairs receives any remuneration and all are volunteers.

The Career Center offers Resume Books as another job search resource for active job seekers.

Once you have established an account and we have granted you access to the resume books, you may log into and click on the Resume Books menu option. Additional information about using the books may be emailed to you after your account is granted access.

What is a Resume Book? How will employers use them?

Resume Books question: Select “No” and your resume will NOT be included in the CCPD Resume Books.

We are pleased to provide you with online access to the resumes of our 2L and 3L students who are currently seeking employment. Through the Resume Book feature in Symplicity, you can connect with students with students who have agreed to participate in our resume collection program. Resumes will be available until April 29, 2016. Based on your search, you can view resumes, print them out, and contact students directly.

Resume Books are virtual resume collections comprised of resumes from active UW candidates and are an excellent resource if you are seeking to fill an immediate job opening. Only candidates who have been actively seeking employment in the last thirty days are included.Online resume books have been designed to provide recruiters and hiring manager’s access to resumes of University of Washington students or alumni who are actively seeking job or internship opportunities. When accessing resumes, you as a representative of the employer, agree that the system is not to be used for solicitation, or for any purpose other than recruiting for career or internship opportunities. All system users must adhere to the Any misuse of this information may result in suspension of access privileges, and possibly further action by the University of Washington. Recruiters affirm compliance with this policy by completing and submitting the resume book subscription form.The Resume Books focus on very broad career fields and summer or full-time employment. Books may also have certain restrictions that will limit resume submissions to a certain timeframe or even a certain pool of candidates. Review the Resume Book descriptions in Callisto carefully for full details before submitting your resume.Yes, there are no restrictions by major for some Resume Books. However, you should be genuinely interested in a business-related career, such as management consulting, investment banking, financial services, general management, human resources, accounting/finance, retail, etc., to include your resume in the Business Careers Resume Book.