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Objective has to be a real statement. A statement about how you will contribute to the welfare of the team, in which you will be part of, will create a great impression on the reader. Underline how your past experience and your growing potential will make this happen and your career is settled. To be received well, restaurant resume has to be typed in Microsoft Word. There is no point in using any new programs which are not available to all. If the employer does not have the last edition of your updated software, the job opportunity might fly through the window. He or she might not contact you via email, and you will lose a big opportunity just because of this. Restaurant resume must be an open book of your experience, but it will be a shame to make a resume, that will probably be deleted from the inbox.

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A manager of a restaurant does not have time to lose with a cheap resume. Running for a career opportunity in this field is your "30 seconds commercial" advertising. If you want to have a restaurant resume that will catch the attention, all that you have to do is to keep the minimum information required, highlighting the points of your relevant restaurant career. For this line of business keeping a 1-2 page resume, highlighting those abilities which you are the most proud of such as: management of a big team of people, organizing large activities and increasing number of clients will be the best way to go.

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Following the typical resume writing rules, this restaurant manager resume includes name and contact details of the candidate at the top of the resume, followed by work profile and experiences details. The work profile section is composed of work summary and core competencies. As the candidate boasts of only one experience, the resume utilizes this advantage to the fullest and defines the experience in detail. It uses an interesting form of giving each responsibility a title and describing it in brief. Education and training section gives away information about the course and internship completed by candidate. Computer skills are not so important for restaurant managers and hence have been put up last.