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For each ad, the authors used the bank of resumes to sample four that fit the job description and requirements as closely as possible: two resumes with white names and two with African-American names, and one high-quality and one low-quality resume for each group. They used the voicemail and e-mail messages sent by employers to match the calls to specific resumes and ads.

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contains 125 free to download resume templates and, with 89 inbound links, has a reasonable reputation too. It does not have the ‘bells and whistles’ of Monster but it ‘does what it says on the tin’ and provides a lot of good quality resume formats.

Are you struggling with your resume? Do you find it more difficult than you thought to write a quality profile on yourself? Yes, creating your resume is tedious and takes so much time. But if you keep an open mind and really try to understand what's needed in a quality resume, you will do fine. This article explains how to write a quality resume. From our initial in-depth interview, when we take the time to get to know you, to the development and production of the resumé, we will be working to put you ahead of the crowd.

Quality Resumés consultants are experienced professionals who know what employers are looking for and how to present it.A quality manager is a position where a person is supposed to look after the quality of the product or service. He/she is supposed to look after the quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement in an organization. To apply for this position, you will need an effective quality manager resume in your job application. At Quality Resumés we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our friendly and personal service and on producing quality documents. While we can’t guarantee you a job, our professional approach will give you a great head start.

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