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Putting together a resume is essential for any individual pursuing a job or career in a profession. When reviewing your knowledge, skills and experiences and developing a plan to pursue a career in early care and education, it is important that you create a clear and honest picture of yourself. A resume is one way of collecting information and presenting yourself to others. A resume describes who you are, includes your career goals, education, credentials and experience. A good resume is a concise document that provides a snapshot of who you are as a person and employee. In the following section you will find helpful information to use in developing a resume along with some professional resume samples.

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To develop a resumé that stands out among the competition, consider the following resume writing tips and professional resume samples. Your also can offer valuable resumé tips.

Professional Resume Samples by Julie Walraven, CMRW


Looking for a job, but not sure how to structure your resume? If you want to make sure your existing resume has been optimized for your career, it's useful to check out professional resume samples to help you get a feel for what an industry-specific resume looks like. With this knowledge, you'll be able to get started building your own. Here's how to find free resume samples of good, reliable quality.

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