Secrets of the Job Hunt: No Pictures on Your Resume

While this limited picture policy is the norm in most countries, there are exceptions elsewhere. In fact, in some parts of the World it is not only acceptable to put your picture on your resume, but encouraged. In these job markets, unfortunately, good looks and the “right” race can make all the difference.

the picture on resume is pretty standard of all east asian countries.

While your picture probably doesn’t convey much of importance about you, it’s definitely something that human nature drives us to have a curiosity about. If you put your picture on your resume, the employer will look at it. Whether it plays a role in you getting an interview or not depends on the employer.

Picture This: Using Pictures on Your Resume

and a picture on a resume would not do you any good

“She said that a resume is what gets you the interview, but an interview and how you present yourself is what gets you the job,” Cruz Sandino said. “When writing a resume one must avoid first person, keep sentences short, use bullet points, don't add irrelevant information, no picture on resume, and no big words.”